Flying Colours COVID-19 Precautions

Steps we are taking to ensure your safety

Before each lesson our instructors will call or text the client to check;

  • If the client has any symptoms of Covid-19
  • If the client has been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19
  • If the client has been advised by track and trace to self-isolate for two weeks
  • To remind the client to wash their hands thoroughly before exiting their home
  • To remind the client to bring a mask with them to the lesson and gloves if they wish
  • To remind the client that we cannot accept cash and that payment must be made via bacs
  • To advise the client; that we will not shake hands at the beginning or end of the lesson, we will have windows open where possible so dress appropriately, we will sanitize the car before the lesson begins
  • To check the clients driving licence, they will ask each client to log onto then send the last 8 digits of the licence with the code from the website

At the start of each lesson the instructor will explain;

  • That they have sanitized their hands
  • All controls and external contact points have been sanitized (door handles inside and out, window and mirror controls, seat belt and connector, gear lever, keys, wheel, wiper and indicator stalks, training resources)
  • That clients must wear a mask, or the lesson will be postponed. Masks should be supplied by the client
  • That there will be no third parties in the car
  • Instructors will check again about symptoms if the instructor is not 100% happy they will postpone the lesson


Instructors must have;

  • Mask
  • Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol content
  • Antibacterial wipes or spray
  • Bin bags – disposed of frequently

Instructors are advised to use;

  • Car sea covers (easy to wipe and disinfect)
  • Steering wheel covers (easy to wipe and disinfect)
  • Disposable gloves to be changed after every lesson
  • Clothing to cover a much as possible which will be washed daily
  • We do not recommend plastic screens, if these are used then the instructor will check with their insurance company.

During lessons instructors will;

  • not share pens or training resources
  • try to avoid facing the client when discussing and where possible step outside the car to have longer discussions
  • leave extra time to clean the car between lessons
  • wash hands as much as possible throughout the day as well as using a hand sanitizer
  • avoid touching their face
  • where possible avoid using their training car for family and personal use
  • if doing demonstrative drive will sanitize before and after
  • remind client to wash their hands after exiting the car

Late cancellations due to Covid-19

  • You will not be charged for late cancellations if you become unwell or have symptoms in line with Covid-19, if anyone in your household is showing symptoms of covid-19, if you believe you have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of covid-19 or if you have been advised to self-isolate by track and trace.
  • We reserve the right to cancel lessons with less than 24 hours notice if our instructors become unwell with symptoms of covid-19, anyone in their household becomes unwell with symptoms of covid-19 or they have been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of covid-19.