Testimonials from Flying Colours Pupils

After learning and driving with John Butt I’d like to give him a massive thank you. I’ve passed today and he excels at helping you keep your cool which I found exceptionally advantageous when it came to the practical test as I’d usually be a ball of nerves. Safety is always first with John and his advice is always helpful and insightful, pointing out exactly what went wrong and how to work on it, his focus on coming up with ways to help you learn better as an individual (to figure out what works best for you) really stood out to me.

He is fair and amicable, I was always comfortable driving and could always have a laugh with John, he is a fantastic instructor, I couldn’t recommend him more!

Dear sir/madam.

My name is Sonny and I am writing to you to share my experience and thoughts about my driving instructor. I passed my driving test today with ‘flying colours’, and it’s all thanks to my excellent instructor, Nick Groves.

I’ve had a couple of instructors in the past, and Nick is by far the best out of all of them. He never got angry, raised his voice or made me feel nervous. He trusted in his own ability to prevent an accident if I were to cause one enough so that he was never too jumpy or anxious, meaning that it was a much calmer environment for the student (me). A previous instructor I had would constantly reach over to the steering wheel and would brake for me, because he was so scared about his car getting into a collision and he didn’t trust me to adjust. Nine times out of ten, I was already going to.

I only had this once with Nick, and it was when I wasn’t sticking to my lane on a roundabout and almost drifted into another car, even then he remained calm and didn’t interfere too much, allowing me to make the necessary adjustments. Throughout the lesson, he was giving constant feedback. As you know this is very important and he always let me know when I did something wrong, but just as importantly, when I did something right. Occasionally he would pull me over and we’d switch seats, so he could demonstrate what he means and sometimes allowing me to get a better view of the road markings. He would constantly refer to previous incidents in our tests, even remembering the cars colours, making it easy for me to remember certain situations.

Very occasionally Nick would be 5-10 minutes late, but he would never forget and he would always adjust the end of the lesson accordingly. (ie: 9:10 – 11:10) Meaning I always got the time I paid for. When I first phoned up Flying Colours looking for an instructor, the man on the phone was extremely polite, professional and put me into contact with Nick. My experiences have been nothing but pleasant and I thank you. Yours faithfully.


Just want to thank Tracey for helping me pass my driving test today (11/04/17). She is an amazing instructor and has helped me gain so much confidence. She is calm and clear with her teaching and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you so much!!!! xxx


How wonderful to pass and all thanks to SOPHIE. Bless her cottons for putting up with me and my terrible jokes and my potty mouth!! Such a patient calm lady. Would recommend.


Couldn’t be more Happy with flying colours. My instructor was Sophie Taylor and she was soo helpful and encouraging. Enjoyed every lesson I had with her and I’m soo grateful to Sophie. Learnt soo much from her !!!! Thank you Sophie!!!!!!


Just want to say a huge THANK YOU to TRACEY DICKENS! She is the reason why I passed my driving test on 23//2/17. She is an amazing driving instructor!

I had 4 previous driving instructor and Tracy is the only one who made me confident in driving. She is very patient, relax and friendly. She will tell you what you did wrong in a nice constructive way. She’s got driving tips that are very useful that I have never learned from anyone before. Tried to take my driving test 15 years ago where the driving examiner walked out on me in Southampton but this time just took the exam and passed straight away because of Tracy. So lucky to have her, hats off to you Tracy! Cheers!


Just passed my driving test ‘with flying colours’ My instructor, John Butt, has provided exceptional teaching over the past few months. My sister was taught by John and recommended him to me, and I can see why. He has a wonderful balance between making sure you’re a SAFE driver, but also pushing you to improve your controls and general driving ability.

When taking the test, I did not feel very nervous, seeing it as a ‘check’ to make sure I can drive safely. I was able to stay so calm and confident thanks to the way John taught me. Aside from the driving, he’s just a wonderful guy, very easy to talk to and we always had a laugh! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Thank-you John!


Hi there, I would just like to give a big thank you to Flying Colours and Tracey Dickens for the great help you have given me on passing my driving test first time on (11/01/2017)… big respect to Tracey for her time, patience and knowledge for helping me pass…Thank you


As a 65 year old having passed her test 30+ years ago but not having driven much since, I was so pleased that Jonathan took me on. We started from scratch, his tuition was exactly the right balance of encouragement and determination to take me out of my comfort zone, with a lot of humour thrown in! I have such respect for his expertise and sheer patience and it was ultimately such a rewarding experience. Thank you Jonathan!

John Ferguson was a really patient instructor, I thoroughly enjoyed all of our lessons! Despite working full time John would always manage to find time for us to have a lesson. Before learning with Flying Colours I had many lessons with different instructors and was going to give up learning. I was recommended to Flying Colours by a friend and I’m so glad I continued to learn because I managed to pass with Flying Colours! Cannot recommend enough.


Passed first time today, could not be happier with flying colours and my instructor Amy, the whole way through she has been amazing, supportive and filled me with confidence, will most certainly be passing the details to my friends when they are ready.


Thank you ever so much Chris! Brilliant instructor and got me through in a short space of time. Definitely recommend Chris and Flying Colours! Thank you


I owe a massive thank you to both Chris and John who are both an absolute credit to flying colours! I could not think of a better driving school to go with, both driving instructors were very experienced and have boosted my confidence massively!


Many thanks to John! A brilliant instructor, likable, easy to talk to and an overall great guy, certainly makes you feel at ease in the most stressful of driving situations.

We had some good laughs and I will miss driving with him! Thanks again!


John is an extremely good driving instructor and possesses all of the attributes of a great teacher.

He is strict, firm, doesn’t take failure as an option but at the same time, he is also very kind, composed and has a good sense of humour. Furthermore, John was always there to offer feedback on what could be improved and offered support throughout my lessons and preparation for my theory and practical tests.

Having only just passed on Tuesday, I am now comfortably driving around in my own car.

Once again, I would like to thank Flying Colours and John for being an amazing instructor!


Great news about Harvey passing his driving test. Another success for you and your driving instruction. Thank you


10/10 Jonathan is really good driving instructor. He is thorough, stricter than the examiners, so he knows if you will pass or not.

I passed 1st time with only 1 minor fault. I cannot thank Jonathan enough for all the help he has given me to prepare for my practical driving test.

He has a good sense of humour, which makes passing the test easier, and his funny mnemonics such as POM (Prepare, observe, manoeuvre). THANK YOU


I would like to say a huge thank you to Laura Ferguson for all her help and making driving lessons enjoyable! Passed first time and would definitely recommend! Thankyou xx


Thanks Andy Malcolm for making my driving lessons enjoyable, don’t think I would of stuck with it if it wasn’t for you but can proudly say I have passed!! Would definitely recommend. Thanks again.

Shaun Page

Just wanted to say again a MASSIVE THANK YOU. I’m absolutely over the moon with my test pass today and just wanted to say again how grateful I am for all the hard work over the last few months.


Abbie is the best driving instructor I’ve had. She is so friendly and I really enjoyed my driving lessons with her. Unlike past instructors I felt like I really learnt a lot and would highly recommend her to anyone learning to drive!


Was taught by Tracey and I couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor as she is calm, easy to talk to and will teach you what you need to pass as well as to be a great driver after.

James Garrett

Big thank you to flying colours school of driving! Just passed my test, was such a nervous learner and already had 6 previous instructors (all I felt uncomfortable with and never really learnt much)… I rang/text about all the schools in Bournemouth telling them what I was like as a nervous wreck an what I wanted in an instructor.

Jane at flying colours was the only person who gave me a phone call and spoke to me for 10-15 minutes to get to know me and pair me up with the perfect instructor! (Abbie Drury)… 2 and a half months later my confidence had drastically changed and I passed my test.

Thank you Jane, Abbie and flying colours!

Anna Luc

Thank you Andrew. You helped me so much with my confidence with driving. You helped me believe that could do it.

I passed my test second time but I couldn’t have done it with out Andrews help. Thanks again Andrew

Jade-Lee Legg

Would just like to say a big thank-you to John M Butt. I passed my test today with only 3 minors. At the beginning I was really bad at driving and had no confidence but he brought me to above test standard and made me confident about driving. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Freya Hammond-Evans

Well, Chris, you are possibly the best instructor ever!! I passed my test back in November, it’s been the best 5 months ever!! That’s only been possible cause you taught me how to drive! The insults, jokes and amazing sense of humour definitely got us through all those lessons!!

Thank you sooo much!!! πŸ˜€


Learning to drive with Tracey was a great experience. She is a very experienced and friendly driving instructor, very patient and professional.

I would recommend Tracey to anyone who is looking to pass their test first time, Tracey was always reassuring me and helped boost my confidence. I can’t thank her enough for helping me pass!


David Velasquez

Thank you Tracey and Flying Colours! Had a very short period of time to take my test and Tracey found the time to fit me in. She was very patient and helped me become much more confident with driving.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


Christina Kimber

A massive thank you to the AMAZING Jean for helping me pass my test first time! Couldn’t of asked for a better instructor. Will be recommending to everyone x πŸ™‚

Hazel Guppy

Many thanks Jonathan for guiding Chris to passing his test. You must be very patient!!. Thank you,

Sue, Andrew and Chris

Thank you Flying Colours! And thank you John Butt for putting up with me through all the lessons, good and bad. I never thought I would pass first time but it happened and that’s all down to you and your tuition.

I will be recommending Flying Colours!

Tom Alderson

I did pass with Flying Colours!! All thanks to John (Mansur) Butt. I’m so glad that you allocated John to me, he was just the right person who could quickly analyse how I learn best and taught me accordingly. He was very patient and focused on what I needed to learn rather than his own teaching plan.

He took every lesson seriously and the best thing about him is he is very adaptable. If I couldn’t do a time, or needed an extra lesson he did his best to fit it in. He made me feel at ease while teaching me, at the same time making sure I actually learnt something during the lesson. it was great to have John as my driving instructor; if someone asks me to recommend a driving instructor he would be the first one by default.

Thanks for all your help John and I’ll make sure I’ll watch my left mirror!


Flying Colours are a great independent driving school.

I was looking for a new instructor and Jane was so helpful in finding me one only a few weeks before my test.

I want say a massive thank you to Chris who helped me pass first time! He’s a great instructor – very patient, honest and calm in his teaching approach. If anyone is learning to drive, I would recommend you learn with Chris from Flying Colours!

Thank you so much πŸ™‚


Wow! I had Chris as my instructor and I absolutely loved him! He’s got two daughters so it was like driving with “dad” without the arguments and the telling off!

Chris is so nice and laid back he doesn’t put you on edge like most instructors I came across. Really wouldn’t have been able to pass without his teaching and advice! I’ve had many instructors and didn’t want to carry on with the whole learning to drive but Chris put the fun back in driving and has been a really quick learning process unlike most instructors that will try and get as many lessons and loads of cash from you.

Very pleased I’ve come across this company and Chris! Still wanting to do the pass plus with him which I’m looking forward to!

Thanks Chris!


Ps. He also had the highest pass rate!

Would just like to say a very big thank you to John Butt who was my driving instructor at Flying Colours. I only had 10 hours of driving with John because of a bad experience previously. However, I was able to pass my test first time which again I am very grateful to him for ensuring sure that I was fully confident and prepared to take the driving test.

Again, many thanks and I would recommend Flying Colours to anyone!

Luke Barnett

Thank you very much to John Butt for his patience with me. I wouldn’t pass without you and thank you for all advice and help you give me through the months we drive together.

I was very stubborn person and didn’t believe I could do it. Thank you once more John for opening my eyes and become very open confident person. Pass with 3 minors. will definitely recommend Flying Colours to others as my friends done the same to me. Cheers guys.


Thank you for your theory tuition which was really insightful and I am pleased to say that I have passed this morning (23.02.13) first time around.

Thanks Jonathan

Georgia Zelly

I passed nearly 5 years ago and would still like to say thank you to John Butt, amazing instructor!!

Kerry Suttle

Thankyou so much Chris for helping me pass first time, didnt think I ever would, so thankyou again for your support Georgina x

Georgina Harvey

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Chris Taylor for getting me through my test. I had previously had bad experiences before going to Flying Colours, and I nearly gave up and didn’t want to continue learning. But Chris was very professional and made it feel easy to drive, he didn’t hold me back or try to keep me learning to get more money for lessons from me. I passed quickly. And I’m now driving confidently and loving it!

I’d recommend Flying Colours to anyone πŸ™‚

Charna Burton

Right this is long over due … it’s coming up to 2 and half years now since I passed my test with ‘Flying Colours’ (first time of course)!

My instructor was John Butt and he was definitely an excellent instructor. I know it’s his job to keep calm and well teach but how he put up with me at times is something else. The bloke deserves a medal! Such a lovely guy as well and very funny. On top of that was an excellent instructor which would push you and challenge you but would also know when you were ready.

I have to drive a lot and I’ve never had a crash or come close and I honestly think thats down to him. I’d recommend him to anyone. Just an all round great instructor.

Thank’s for making the whole experience enjoyable!


With a lot of support and encouragement from Jean I passed my driving test today. Even though it all feels like a surreal experience, I am so glad she was there with me every step of the way.

I couldn’t have done it without her good humour and belief in me (which I’ll never understand considering all the silly turns I made). She is an amazing instructor and I would recommend her to anyone. If you are a nervous driver like me, she’ll definitely steer you in the right direction.

Thank you so much, Jean!

Carol Burling

Thanks Chris couldn’t have passed without you! Never thought I would pass first time let alone with only one minor thanks!

Dean Young

Thanx Chris…. Could not have passed the test without your training. Unimaginable!!!!!!

Those manoeuvres seemed like a cake walk on the test. Thanx for all the advice on how to perform the manoeuvres, and that forward planning that I needed to work on the most…. will definitely recommend you to others….

Thanx from Sohana (daughter) and Dharmesh (husband)….

Yogita Kapoor

I had Jean as my driving instructor 7 years ago, I found Jean to be a very patient and a pleasant lady. Always reliable and on time, and very easy to talk to. I had been with a few driving instructers previously but unable to pass my test.

I then had lessons with Jean who always made sure I was confident in every aspect of my driving before putting me in for my test. And I am pleased to say I passed first time. I have since recommended Jean to family members and they have also passed first time. I would recommend Jean to anyone who needs a good driving instructor.

L Jones, Bournemouth

Thanks John! We did it! Couldn’t of thought of a better instructor!

All the lessons and all the theory training paid off in the end!


Jack Braeman

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jonathan, the best driving instructor that I could have hoped for! I never believed that I could pass first time and it is thanks to the confidence that you gave me that I did!

It is a great feeling having my own car and being independent!

Jade Robinson

Thanks Chris for getting me through my test first time, definitely the best teacher πŸ˜€ thank you again!!


Hello John, sorry this is at least four months delayed… Thank you very much for teaching me to drive and helping me pass first time. It has helped me a lot with setting up my gardening business. Thanks again,


Jonathan, thanks so much for teaching us how to drive! We know we wouldn’t all have passed first time without you!

Tom and Matt

** Jonathan taught Tom and Matt who are twins and also their older brother Andrew, all three passed first time! **

Cheers Andrew on getting me through my test first time. I’m telling everyone how great Flying Colours are thanks again

Alex King

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your hardwork and patience in helping me pass 1st time! Thanks for all your encouragement and amazing teaching. I’m really going to miss all your terrible jokes!! Thanks,


I passed my test first time in May, I can’t imagine being without my car now, definitely the best thing I’ve ever done! Thank you to Debbie for all your support, patience and laughs! Could never have done it without your brilliant teaching! x


A big thanks to Peugeot John!

I just wanted to say thanks to your instructor John for his endless patience and kindness. Having had a bad experience learning with a different driving school a long long time ago that left me wondering if I’d ever get in a manual car again, I was really chuffed to pass first time this afternoon. John made everything clear and easy and we had lots of laughs along the way.

All the best,


Just wanted to say Jean you are amazing!!!!!! I never could have believed I would pass my test first time but your lessons and words of encouragement got me there.

Just wanted to say massive thank you x x

p.s i owe you a choccy bar :0)

Rach Forfitt

Hello Jane,

Thought you might like to know what Luke said on his email after his driving lesson:

Hi Grandma and Grandad, thank you so much for making one of my dreams come true.

He was very much at ease with Debbie so please pass on our thanks and Lukes of course.

We were very impressed and no doubt we shall be seeing more of you!

Thanks again,

Irene and Lionel


Just want to say a huge thanks for teaching me to drive well enough to pass first time. I had a great time driving with you from the under 17 days, which massively helped when finally learning on the roads. Hopefully see you on the road sometime!

P.S. Thanks Jon for telling me some of the best/worst jokes I have heard.

Jordan Snelling

Just a quick thank you to Sarah following my niece’s first driving experience on Saturday at Matchams. I knew she’d love it once she gave it a go but she wasn’t convinced. However, Sarah put her at ease and she went from terrified to “can’t wait” in one easy lesson – I suspect you’ll have a new pupil sometime in the not too distant future !

Many Thanks

Just want to say a massive thank-you to Jean my driving instructor for her time, effort and patience as I passed my driving test yesterday!

Thank-you Flying Colours! x

Sarah Bennett

Great support given and lots of praise. I would love to recommend this School, worth every penny. Even more, loved everything especially Jon’s bad jokes x

Tina Dyson

“Never thought I could have passed first time so thank you so much for all your support and many jokes along the way! Started looking for a car now so hopefully you will see me driving around very soon :)”

Will be recommending you to everyone!

Thanks again

Faye x

Dear Jonathan

Thank you for teaching me how to drive, I enjoyed it very much and have been spreading the word!


Thanks for teaching me, enjoyed all the bad jokes!


PS Mum’s still working on the Aston!

Dear John

Thank you so much for helping me to pass my test and putting up with my whinging and moaning πŸ™‚

I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you soon for Pass Plus!


Dear Jonathan, thanks very much to you and Flying Colours for all your help! Hope you like the present, thought you could take it to your competitions so everyone will know that you’re a pro! πŸ™‚

Will miss your awful jokes πŸ™‚

See you on the road!


(Under 17’s Driving Day)

Just to thank you for a fabulous morning today. I feel I benefitted from the Under 17 driving experience; I really want to try again next time you run the day. Please pass on my thanks to my instructor this morning. I have told my friends all about you, so now they would like to have a go. Thankyou again.

Thanks …..
– for teaching me to drive
– for cheering me up when I felt like giving up
– and for telling me some of the worst jokes I’ve ever heard!

To Jonathan, just to say a big THANK you!! Holly passed her test!! You have to be an amazing teacher for both my kids to have passed first time!!
Fran (Holly’s Mum)

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help during lessons and having the patience with teaching me to drive. May see you on the road sometime.

Thanks so much for putting up with me! It has been so much fun learning with you, thank-you for making it so enjoyable!

Dear Flying Colours

Re: Your driving instructor – John Butt

I recently passed my test with your company, my instructor was John. I just wanted to let you know that I found John to be an excellent driving instructor. He is very patient, has a very high standard of teaching and without him I would never have passed. He is excellent at explaining procedures and has a very positive attitude which I found aspiring. I found him to be an excellent time keeper and I enjoyed my time with him. I found my driving experience to be educational as well as enjoyable. Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Thanks for all your help and patience teaching me to drive. See you on the road!

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance teaching me to drive. I am independent again.

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test. I feel so much more confident now I really appreciate your sense of humour, patience and nerves.

Thank you for all your help and encouragement, I couldn’t have passed my test without it.

Thank you so much for being a brilliant teacher but also making it so much fun learning to drive.

Thank you ever so much for getting me through my driving test.

Thanks for your help, It feels great to drive on my own.

Thank you very much for all the help you gave me when learning to drive.

Thank you for the help and patience you gave me during my lessons.